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This is a list of cool informational things I find on topics that interest me, mainly ornithology (with ecological aspects) and psychology, with some other articles, videos, etc., as well. I have made sure through usage of Unpaywall, Google Scholar, and more, that these are open access and therefore do not violate anything serious to post to my personal website. However, I believe in open science, so if you would like to see more articles, message me, and I can send you them.

FYI: Of course, me posting these here does not and will never mean I 100% agree with everything the material states, or the language used. This is fine and expected! Even though I post articles that I found informative or interesting, reading also builds up critical thinking skills, and should lead you to forming your own, expanding (and possibly disagreeing) opinions...and maybe even your own improved research, if you shoot high enough!! I would share my educated (yet not expert) opinions, but I don't want to further bias yours. (and I'm shy.)

Happy reading!

General Science & Misc.

Why Science? - NOBA Project
Research Designs - NOBA Project
Self Efficacy - NOBA Project

Psychology (general)

Meyer, M. (1903). Experimental Studies in the Psychology of Music. The American Journal of Psychology, 14(3), 192-214. Read
npr - The Proven Benefits of Play

Ornithology & Ecology

Garnham, L., & Løvlie, H. (2018). Sophisticated Fowl: The Complex Behaviour and Cognitive Skills of Chickens and Red Junglefowl. Behavioral Sciences, 8(1), 1-13. Read

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