I'm Jazz! I am a young adult, and I've been obsessed with anthros for as long as I can remember. When I found the furry community, I found my best friends, and a place to feel like myself; artistic, autistic, animalistic. I feel like a boy who likes girly things, and a girl who likes boy-ly things. I'm somewhere in between both presentation-wise, and my fursona and I use they/them. My special interest is anthropomorphism; the good of it, such as furries and kemonomimis, and the bad, such as how it gets in the way of animal research and understanding. I love to draw, and it is the main thing I have been teaching it to myself obsessively from my toddler to teenage years. Now in my 20s, my life is a bit more busy, but I still adore art and furry culture, forever and ever.

I am a therian of a pink hairless cat, and a creme barred lahore pigeon (imagine a sphynx with pigeon wings!). I'm also an purple carbuncle theriomythic, and Espeon/Ruby Carbuncle/Final Fantasy Carbuncle, Makoto Yuki, Yuugi Mutou, Jun Kurosu, Jade Harley, and Ren Amamiya (or Akira Kurusu) fictionkin. I am otherhearted/kith with old-school sparkledogs and sparklecats. Overall, I'm a plucky and sensitive, but ultimately domesticated, upbeat, and warm creature.
Otherkin stuff isn't really "just for fun" in my life; rather, it is a spiritual way to process the disconnect from other humans I've felt while growing up, and, more presently, interest in re-incarnation, even from the world of fiction. That being said, "doubles" are a concern I've never had...there are so many animals in a particular species, and so many brains and therefore offshoots of a past life, so everyone is a "double"-- no, a quadruple...

As of 2022, I am a full-time college student studying for a master's degree in clinical psychology. I have studied ornithology as a massive bird enjoyer (& longtime poultrykeeper), and will return to the subject later on in life, but I am currently majoring in clinical psychology because I wish to pursue mental health research and science-backed counseling techniques as a career. Yes, art is surprisingly not my career; I wish for it to stay a fun hobby, a side job at most when I am in need. I feel naturally lead to learning about the human mind because I really want to understand people- including myself -better, and be a kinder and more nuanced person than ever before. I love many forms of psychology, even outside of clin., and I love to read journal research! This does mean I may be too busy to consistently update the site, but I'll do my best!

Some other random facts about me:
My favorite food is probably shrimp tempura roll, such as godzilla roll. I love seafood, spicy food, and for dessert I'll take anything with marzipan!~
I've worked in animal care for years, both domestic and wildlife rehab.
I am visually impaired enough to require a cane when going out; I was born blind, and have lens implants. The gift of sight is one of the most special I have ever been given...seeing as I am a visual artist now.
Look at my fursona!


NOTE: Not all of these are equal.
Normal: Small, still working on, or forgot
Italics: Notable ramble-topics or longterm
Bold: current constantly-in-head interests!

Shin Megami Tensei (DDS, Nocturne, Persona 2-5)~ Littlest Pet Shop ~ My Little Pony (all gens) ~
Homestuck ~ Fullmetal Alechemist ~ Touhou Project ~ Azumanga Daioh ~ PokeMon ~
Devilman ~ Osamu Tezuka (mainly the animal movies) ~ Half-Life ~ Portal ~ Soul Eater ~
Ace Attorney ~ BoJack Horseman ~ Kaiba ~ Flower Knight Dakini ~ Madoka Magica ~
Hylics ~ Undertale & Deltarune ~ Pikmin ~ NGE ~ No More Heroes ~ JSR(F) ~
Yu-Gi-Oh! (manga, s0, 2000 anime) ~ Dungeon Meshi


GENRES: oldschool happy hardcore ~ jungle dnb ~ triphop & bristol sound ~ eurodance ~
rave breaks ~ industrial ~ nu-metal ~ shoegaze ~ happy gabber ~ hi-tech/psytrance ~
jazz ~ acid jazz ~ shibuya-kei/picopop ~ disco/funk ~ french house ~
ska & skapunk ~ reggae & dub ~ experimental pop ~ ghettotek ~ 2000s girly pop

FAVE ARTISTS: Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps (only when Kelli Ali was there),
Serani Poji, bjork, Alice Longyu Gao, Korn, Dj Ham, HorsegiirL, CAPSULE, Shoji Meguro,
Portishead, Humming Urban Stereo, Imogen Heap, Jamiroquai, Dj Paul Estak, Zero 7,
100 gecs, Machine Girl, Evanescence, DV-i, Pete Cannon, John Coltrane, Sam Gellaitry

I listen to hundreds of artists, these are just my supa-favorites!


classic sparkledogs & other furry internet history~ psychology ~ ornithology ~
general internet history ~ frutiger aero ~ music production ~ DJing/mixing ~ girly toys ~
rave culture & fashion ~ poultrykeeping & pigeonkeeping ~ hairless animal care ~ wildlife rehab ~
bodily autonomy politics ~ coding ~ queer history ~ kink safety / RACK ~ harm reduction/drug educ. ~
research design/statistics/scientific method ~ digital art...duh ~ mycology

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